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About Us


So there we each of us started to approach the half century mark, empty nests and other life changes, we all began to realize that we needed to enjoy more time with good friends and less time worrying about what we weren't great at.  Tuesday mornings became our weekly meeting day where all we focused on was having fun, catching up, and playing golf.  Tuesday after Tuesday, we each experienced our own ups and downs with the game and soon began to realize that we were more alike than we had ever realized.  As we got paired on our Tuesday golf outings with other women, it truly hit us that we are all the same! We all have the same Bitches in the Attic.  We all worry about hitting over water, sand shots, and messing up.... and we all have those voices that talk in our back swing, so why not embrace them?   As we started embracing these maddening voices, we started recognizing them everywhere...not just on the golf course.  ​

Hence, Bitches in the Attic was born.  Let's face it, we all have those nagging voices in our heads telling us to fear everything.  Bitches in the Attic was created to help bring those voices alive, acknowledge their presence and keep their nagging to a minimum.  Our mission is to help everyone embrace their inner bitches!

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